Underwater Hotels in Paradise


Have you ever thought about paradise? As far as i know, paradise is a very beautiful place than other places in the world. Surely everyone wants to  be in paradise, like i always imagine being in paradise. But do you know that if in this world there are many beautiful place created by God for us to enjoy?. Have you ever traveled to one of the beautiful places like heaven? if you have never been go to those beautiful places or do not know where locations of those beautiful places, always check articles in this blog because i will always share to you all about everythings in this blog. In addition to sharing about creative recipes, Neng Infoo also shares about travel and beautiful places around the world. 

This time neng infoo share one of the millions of paradise in this world that is underwater paradise. I know surely there are many people have ever felt the beauty of underwater paradise and have seen the beauty of the underwater like coral reefs, and the sea animals. But they enjoyed it all by diving or enjoying by a submarine. Have you ever imagined If you can stay in underwater or in a home in underwater?. surely it feels very happy to be able to stay in underwater. We will see unusual scenery while relaxing on the bed and we can see fish and other sea animals dancing around us.

If you want to really be in that place, don't just imagine. Let's go travel to that place, which is an underwater hotel. You can enjoy it with your family or partner. There are some places that provide underwater hotel for stay 1 night or some night. Do you know the location of the hotels? if you don't know then don't worry, i share all those places in this article. The price for staying at those hotels is different than the prices for staying in ordinary hotels. Because the view presented at the underwater hotel is also very different than the views at ordinary hotels. Underwater hotel prices are very expensive but this is comparable to what is provided there. So, before you go there you have to have enough money with the price to feel stay there. 

Underwater Hotel

1. The Water Discus 


The Water Discus is an Underwater Hotel, located in Dubai UAE ( United Arab Emirates ). Dubai besides having very many beautiful places also have some underwater hotels which are pretty awesome. This hotel has 21 rooms and can accommodate two people per room. 

2. Atlantis The Palm Hotel 

Atlantis The Palm Hotel is an underwater hotel located in Palm, Jumeirah, Dubai, United Emirates Arab. Around the hotel there is a giant Water World and in this resort there are some special hotel rooms and underwater with a view of the sea window. Guests staying here can sleep while looking at dolphins from the South Pacific Sea. It takes less than seven thousand dollars to stay per night in this room.

3. Lovers Deep Submarine


Lovers Deep Submarine is a cruise ship with hotel facilities, besides being able to rent a room to stay a few nights here we can also sail to see all the underwater scenery. Lovers Deep Submarine is a product of The Mile High Club, which is the most exclusive club in the world. Per night the cost of staying at Lovers Deep Submarine is around 210,000 dollars. With this price, you are free to choose where you will go with this ship. 

4. Hydropolis Underwater Hotel


The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel is located 30 meters below the surface of the Persian Gulf off the Jumeirah beach in Dubai, UAE (United Emirated Arab). You will be welcomed by underwater beauty and underwater recreation. Besides presenting beautiful views underwater, this hotel also has special facilities for wedding receptions. So it is suitable for luxurious wedding venues that cannot be forgotten. 

5. The Shark Aquarium in Paris, France


These rooms are not always open to the public, only offered at certain times on airbnb. This room is a shark observer tank that has 360 degree rotating views. The glass thickness of this room is 10 inches, and outside the room there are at least 36 ferocious sharks that are ready to watch you all night. Can you imagine what is the scary sleeping in this cramped room?

6. Poseidon Underwater Hotel


Poseidon Underwater Hotel is the largest hotel in Fiji, one of the island countries located in the south of the Pacific Ocean. In this hotel there are at least 24 luxurious rooms, each of which presents underwater views directly from the room window. You can enjoy the underwater beauty of the Fiji Islands in this hotel.

7. Conrad Maldives


Conrad Maldives, located in Rangali Island, Maldives. This resort actually does not have a special room to stay. But there is one underwater room that is often transformed into an underwater room, the Ithaa Restaurant. This 12 seat dining room is transformed into a room for 2 people. Uniquely from here, besides being able to see hundreds of fish you can also see whale sharks that suddenly appear on the surface of the room.

That's the 7 most beautiful underwater hotels in the world, you will feel happy if you can stay at one of those hotels. Neng Infoo will also share the most beautiful unique places in the world that you don't know yet. If you don't want to miss the information, then follow the update from Neng Infoo's blog. Or follow the "Wonderful Indonesia" facebook fanpage or "Travel Ginz" facebook fanpage, because Neng Infoo will also share there.

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