The Beauty of Love Island in Indonesia

For those of you who like to travel and want to visit a place that is unique and very beautiful then you can try visiting Pulo Cinta or Love Island. Sometimes we feel bored with the activities and work that we do everyday. As humans, we need refreshing that can make our minds calm and happy. Most people are refreshing by traveling or visiting beautiful places like seeing a natural beauty. We can do refreshing on holidays, take advantage of this opportunity to go to a very beautiful place.

There are so many very beautiful places that you can visit in this world for refreshing, travel or honeymoon. On this blog, Neng Infoo provides all information about travel and culinary as well. There are some beautiful places that Neng Infoo recommends that you can visit in the articles of this blog. In this article, Neng Infoo recommends that you try to visit Pulo Cinta (Love Island).

The Beauty of Love Island (Pulo Cinta)

In Pulo Cinta also there is a very beautiful Marine Park. Olele Marine Park is a favorite spot for divers. This place offers amazing underwater natural beauty. Many tourists and celebrities visit this place for honeymoon because this island very romantic. You can see how beautiful Pulo Cinta is through the photos below, taken from some tourists who have visited here.

Why do we recommend you to visit Love Island or Pulo Cinta? we suggest you visit Pulo Cinta because the views on this island is very beautiful. The island is called Pulo Cinta meaning Love Island and the island is shaped like love. Seawater in Pulo Cinta is very clear and clean. The color of seawater in Pulo Cinta is very beautiful, the color is turquoise. You can swim, play and dive to enjoy the beauty of the underwater, coral reefs and fish on this island. Near Pulo Cinta there is a hidden beach that is very beautiful named Bolihutuo beach located in Boalemo, Gorontalo. Bolihutuo Beach is included in the list of hidden spots in Indonesia.

Where Pulo Cinta (Love Island)?

Pulo Cinta (Love Island) is one of the islands in Indonesia. Pulo Cinta's location in Patoameme, Botumoito, Boalemo Regency, Gorontalo. To visit Pulo Cinta, you can buy a plane ticket to the airport Jalaluddin, Gorontalo. When you arrive at the airport then continue to Boalemo Regency by car, it takes about 2 hours to reach Boalemo. Arriving in Boalemo, you can cross the sea by boat to the Pulo Cinta resort. The cruise to Pulo Cinta takes 25 minutes.

Resort in Pulo Cinta (Love Island)

Eco Resort is the only resort in Pulo Cinta, you can stay at this resort if you visit Pulo Cinta (Love Island). Eco Resort is the only resort in Pulo Cinta, you can stay at this resort if you visit Pulo Cinta. Eco resort has 15 cottages, the price to stay at an eco resort is around Rp 3.000.000 to Rp 5.000.000 per night or around $ 220 to $ 370 with excellent services and facilities such as transportation from the port of Tilamuta.

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