The Beauty of Love Lakes in Indonesia


God created this world very beautifully if you realize it. There are so many wonderful creations of God like the natural beauty of Love Lakes that I discuss in this article. Previously on this blog, I had discussed the beauty of Love Island in Indonesia, now I will provide more information to all of you about Love Lakes in Indonesia.

This lake of love was not made by humans but God created this. So, for those of you who think the Lakes of Love were made by humans, that is wrong. Indonesia is very beautiful and rich in natural beauty so that many tourists from outside the country come to Indonesia to travel. Here are some love lakes in Indonesia that you can visit:

Love Lakes in Indonesia

1. Love Lake Karawapop


Love Lake Karawapop is located on Misool Island, Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, Indonesia. Same as the name, this lake has a unique shape that is sure to make anyone who sees it fall in love. The water in the Love Lake Karawapop is clear with turquoise color, so you can also swim and enjoy the beautiful nature in this love lake. On the island of Misool where the Love Lake Karawapop is located also presents very beautiful natural scenery. In the next article, I will also show you about nature on this island. 

Love Lake Karawapop is a saltwater lake flanked by three large islands on the left and right. While a small island in the middle of the curve. This makes the shape of love more visible.
The Love Lake is hidden between rock cliffs and green trees that grow above the karst rock island. To see a beautiful view of the Love Lake Karawapop, you have to see it from a higher place. On the hill, you can take a selfie with the background of Love Lake. If you are interested to visit this love lake, you must go to the South Misool District by speed boat.

2. Love Lake Makalehi


Lake Cinta Makalehi is located on Makalehi Island, Siau Islands District, Tagulandang, Biaro, Sitaro, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. You can go to Lake Cinta Makalehi using sea transportation from the Port of Manado as the capital of North Sulawesi Province. If you go there in the afternoon at 5: 00 pm use a standard boat, it will arrive in about 6 hours. But if you use a speedboat and you go at 10: 00 am, it will arrive at Ulu Siau Port in about 3 hours.

From the Port of Ulu Siau, continue the journey to the District of West Siau by car or motorcycle for 30 minutes. Arriving in West Siau District, you have to continue the journey again by motorboat for 2 hours. The journey to reach Makalehi Lake is very long and far but you will be satisfied and enjoy the natural beauty there.

Things to note if you want to go to the Love Lake Makalehi that not everyday a boat crossing service is available from Siau Island to Makalehi. Crossings are only available on market days ie Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

3. Love Lake Dafalen


Love Lake Dafalen is located in Misool, Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia. To see the heart-shaped lake between the ranges of the surrounding karst islands, you have to climb the hill and pass the broken track of karst rocks first. But don't worry, there you can pass wooden stairs to make it easy for you to reach the top by taking about 30 to 35 minutes. Because in the main spot has not been built a terrace or wooden stage, and the absence of a guardrail, so from the edge of the cliff you can immediately look down to the love lake.

If you go from Jakarta, you can take an airplane to Sorong, then from Sorong City take a fast boat to Misool in about five to six hours.

4. Love Lake Emfote


The lake which is located in East Sentani District, Jayapura Regency, Papua Province has a heart or love shape. Love Lake Emfote is located in the middle of a meadow surrounded by hills and valleys. To see the perfect heart shape, you must ascend to a higher place. A beautiful heart-shaped lake will be seen from the hills around it. From the top of this hill is also the best spot to take photos with the lake background. The green hills that surround Lake Love Emfote are very beautiful. Therefore, the hills and lakes are widely used as a place to take pre-wedding photos. 

There are so many beautiful and unique places in Indonesia that not many people know about. There are even Indonesian people who do not know it yet because Indonesia is very broad and has 17.504 islands. If you are curious to know other beautiful places in Indonesia, then you can follow the "Wonderful Indonesia" Facebook page below.

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