The Beauty of Labengki Island in Sulawesi

One of the Indonesian islands that is attracting travel lovers is Labengki Island. Labengki Island is located in Labengki Village, Lasolo, North Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. This island is close to Sombori Island and the natural beauty of Labengki Island is also same like Raja Ampat Island. 

Some islands or beaches in Indonesia offer fantastic underwater beauty. But Labengki Island is different and unique. As previously mentioned, Labengki Island has a cluster of islands in the middle of the sea and makes the panorama look like Wayag Island in Raja Ampat. Labengki Island consists of two different islands, namely Big Labengki and Labengki Kecil Island which you must visit. The island also provides opportunities for hiking.

What is special about Labengki Island is its beautiful white sand beach, the bay of love, the underwater panorama which is very cool and the color of the sea water is blue and turquoise green which is very clear like crystal. Besides that, you can also interact with the local Labengki people, the Bajau tribe. ourists will enjoy the calm atmosphere on Labengki Island which is able to refresh the mind.

There is one more thing that is unique and cannot be found in other tourist attractions. Visitors to Labengki Island can see one of the largest species of Kima in the world. Kima is a type of giant clam which can reach almost 50 cm in size. Uniquely, Kima on Labengki Island is listed as the second largest in the world. Therefore Labengki has become an island that is used as a place of research and conservation. There are also those who call Labengki Island the Giant Clam Marine Park Reservation.

The Beauty of Labengki Island in Sulawesi

Here are some beautiful destinations that you must visit on Labengki Island:

1. Teluk Cinta or Bay Love

This bay is called Teluk Cinta or in english is Love Bay because, it is shaped like love. This bay is called the Bay of Love because the shape of this bay is look like a symbol of love. If you look at so nearly or from below, it doesn't look like a symbol of love. Indeed, it can't be seen from the edge of the beach directly. It can only be seen from above, by climbing cliffs or using drones. From above, there is an arch on the beach that looks like a heart symbol with an amazing blue gradient.

Quiet, quiet, only the sound of the waves, the sound of birds chirping and the beautiful scenery make Teluk Cinta one of the best destinations on Labengki Island. Teluk Cinta is also the best snorkeling spot on Labengki Island. Under the sea in Teluk Cinta is very beautiful with colorful coral reefs and various kinds of fish. Around Teluk Cinta, there is also a luxury cottage with complete facilities for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of Labengki in a different way.

2.  Toros Kampali Lagoon or Twin Lakes

Toros Kampali Lagoon is surrounded by sharp rocks, the turquoise water color of this lagoon makes this spot the most popular for tourists. You can do snorkeling or swimming here when the water is high. Because this lagoon follows the tides. The right time to come here should be in the morning when the water is high. If the water is receding, the color of this lagoon will change to turquoise green.

3. Mahumalalang Lagoon

Mahumalalang Lagoon is almost same like Toros Kampali Lagoon, the difference is the taste of the water and the diameter of the lagoon. The Mahumalalang Lagoon is smaller than the Kampali Shaft. The taste of the water is brackish. Beside this Lagoon, there is a Lagoon that is smaller in size. From this small Lagoon there are springs that taste fresh. The color of the water often changes, sometimes blue and sometimes Tosca green. People call this Lagoon the Blue Lagoon or the Green Lagoon.

4. Pasir Panjang Beach

As the name implies, the beach is very long. On Pasir Panjang Beach there are many coconut trees. The sea water on this beach is calm and clear, perfect for swimming or taking pictures using floats. Not far from the beach there is also a snorkeling spot.

Activities that you can do on Labengki Island

On Labengki Island, you can swim and do other activities around the beach such as snorkeling and others. Labengki Island is also famous as a fishing spot. Some parts of the island on Labengki Island are good for fishing. On this island there are red snapper, layars, yellowfin tuna and barracuda. Once you have caught some of these fish, you are allowed to grill them. That means Labengki Island is also the perfect location for a BBQ party. Don't worry, some facilities are available on this island, including a conservation checkpoint.

How to Get to Labengki Island

There are many ways to get to Labengki Island. So, even though the only way to Labengki is by sea, you don't need to be confused because there are already several piers serving Labengki Island, even though using wooden boats.

1. The first way: After you arrive at Haluoleo Airport, Kendari, you can continue the journey directly to Labengki Island from Kendari port. The sea trip will take around 4-5 hours.
2. The second way: You can go by car to Lasolo Village, after that go by wooden boat from Lasolo Pier to Labengki. The total journey from Kendari-Lasolo-Labengki is around 4 hours.
3. The third way: You can go by public transportation to Sawa Village and continue the journey from the local dock to Labengki. The trip will take about 3 hours.
4. The fourth way: You can go by public transportation to the Tanasa Pier in Soropia and continue the journey to Labengki. The trip will take 2 hours 30 minutes to get to Labengki from Kendari.

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